Maintenance And Protection of Various Types of Honeycomb Coal Machines

Maintenance And Protection of Various Types of Honeycomb Coal Machines 09/01/2018

       The maintenance of the honeycomb coal machine is very important to its service life. The maintenance method of honeycomb coal machines is introduced by Gongyi Lantian machinery plant:

      1, Responsible for all load bearing of the honeycomb coal machine, so good lubrication is greatly related to the bearing life, it directly affects the service life of the machine and the operation rate, thus requiringinto thelubricating must be clean, the seal must be in good condition, the main oiling the machine at the rotating bearing (1)  roller bearing (2) all gear (3) movable bearing, sliding plane.

      2, The installation of the new tyre prone to loose often must be checked.

      3, Pay attention to check the work of each part of the honeycomb coal machine is normal.
      4, Check the wear degree of the honeycomb coal machine easily worn parts and change the worn parts at any time.
      5, Put the movable device's underframe plane, and dust and other things should be out. So that the machine can't move on the underframe when the machine meets the material that can't be broken, resulting in a serious accident.
     6, Bearing oil temperature rise, should stop immediately check the reason to eliminate.
     7, A rotating gear should be checked immediately and eliminated if there is a shock sound in operation.
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