A Brief Introduction To A New Type Of Carbon Black Briquette Machine

A Brief Introduction To A New Type Of Carbon Black Briquette Machine 13/01/2018

             The new type carbon black briquette machine uses the principle of spiral extrusion to compress the pulverized coal into a predetermined shape of a coal rod forming equipment with a certain strength. Now a lot of units, coal fields have a lot of pulverized coal, carbon powder, sulphuric acid high powder can not be handled and used! Now the new carbon black briquette machine produced by our company can be extruded without adding any additives. High production efficiency, the powder can be extruded at once! Then it is convenient to transport and can be recycled here!

 Carbon black briquette machine

Working principle of carbon black briquette machine:

            Carbon black briquette machine with rotating impeller from the feeding port of coal, coal and coal will move forward, gradually compressed, and produce particles close together, stirring and mixing is relatively large. This time between the carbon black briquette machine of raw coal particles, friction and shear strong particles and the blade and simplified, while the heat generated under the action of coal temperature rise of water and binder is more uniform and the plasticity of coal is increasing, and then through the control action of die cone, compression between coal particles more closely, and then pressed into the straight part of the final product.

           The carbon black briquette machine adopts the hard tooth reducer, which is small in volume and high in bearing capacity. The impeller in the carbon black briquette machine is designed with thickened blades. The impeller and liner are made of wear-resistant investment casting material, and the service life is 4-5 times higher than that of the ordinary material. The coal bar export of the carbon black briquette machine head is made of replaceable wear-resistant alloy steel, and the replacement is convenient. The head and barrel are connected in the form of hanging, which can be opened when overhauling, and it is very convenient to replace the internal impeller and cylinder liner.

         Carbon black briquette machine is a new product of Gongyi Lantian machinery factory after years of research. The production of coal rods can make full use of coal by coal rod machine, in the production process does not require the addition of limestone, reduce the cost of fuel, and improve the calorific value of coal, has high economic benefit, briquette machine has the advantages of small size, without charring drying equipment, do not need to steam, save investment, reduce the it covers an area of. Gongyi Lantian machinery factory has rich experience in production, and striving to provide customers with the best service. It is your trusted manufacturer. Welcome to purchase.

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