The Detailed Product Introduction Of Carbon Ball Press Machine

The Detailed Product Introduction Of Carbon Ball Press Machine 24/01/2018

            High efficient carbon ball press machine is an equipment which can press variety of charcoal powder, coal powder, coking coal, coke powder, aluminum powder, iron powder and gypsum into ball.Under the help of carbon ball press machine, we can reduce the dust in you working environment and improve the volume-weight. Besides, we save the energy and make the waste materials easy transported.

 Carbon Ball Press MachineCarbon Ball Press Machine

            Working Principle of carbon ball press machine:The carbon ball press machine passes the power to the two pressure rollers through the reducer. The rotation of the sides and the rollers of the carbon ball press machine, in the two rotating rollers, the natural materials enter the rolling mode of the ball. With the roll rotation, the material pressure becomes smaller and larger. When the material reaches the line contact point of the two rollers, the material pressure reaches the peak value. Under the action of the lines, the material becomes the finished product of the powder ball through the processing of the carbon ball press machine.

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