Problems to be Aware of the Use of Sawdust Briquette Machine Suppliers by Users at Home and Abroad

Problems to be Aware of the Use of Sawdust Briquette Machine Suppliers by Users at Home and Abroad 25/04/2018
When biomass clean fuel enters millions of households and various industry sectors, our production of sawdust briquette machine suppliers has also become a hot product. Sawdust, sawdust, straw, and other raw materials are common in all parts of the country. After being processed into clean fuel, it has not only protected the environment but also alleviated resource constraints. The sawdust briquette machine is a welfare device.
Then the users at home and abroad want to work smoothly after they have bought our sawdust briquette machine suppliers.It is necessary to pay attention to the following points.
1, the raw material crushing work. Smashing is the first step in forming production. Material smashing is to achieve the size required by sawdust briquette machine suppliers rods. Otherwise, rework is required, which will result in wasted production capacity and time delay.
2, the drying of materials. Drying sawdust and other materials before the preparation of rods, whether the degree of drying of the material can reach the B**** rod requirements to determine the success of the stick, so the drying of the material must reach the rod requirements, such rods It will be more smooth.
3, the core step is to make sticks. The above two points are very easy as long as they can meet the requirements.
4,Biomass sawdust charring process. The most important step in the formation of the mechanism charcoal products is carbonization. Sawdust briquette machine suppliers carbonization must grasp the time and temperature of carbonization. Any carbonization or excessive carbonization will affect the quality of the product.
The user pays attention to the above details at the time of operation, and observes the problems that occur in the production process of sawdust briquette machine. The carbonization of molding will become simple and efficient. Of course, if you do not understand it, you can consult us. We, as manufacturers, are the most users. Strong support.

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