What are the factors that affect the price of charcoal produced by small sawdust briquette machine ?

What are the factors that affect the price of charcoal produced by small sawdust briquette machine ? 12/05/2018
small sawdust briquette machine
When users invest in small sawdust briquette machine , they must definitely want to obtain good economic benefits. It is necessary to increase the production and quality of mechanism charcoal in order to meet the profit that users want to achieve. Sawdust briquette machine has a great demand in the current market, so grasp the market to win the trust of customers.
small sawdust briquette machine
What are the reasons for the low char combustion value after our small sawdust briquette machine  carbonization mechanism? In general, this is due to the low combustion value of the mechanism charcoal. LanTian Machinery specializes in the production of small sawdust briquette machine  equipment for many years. Experience for everyone to analyze the reasons for the large carbon ash under the mechanism:
small sawdust briquette machine
1. The raw materials purchased are not clean: One of the main methods to solve this problem is to control the transportation process of raw materials and try to ensure that the raw materials are not directly contaminated by air during transportation. On the other hand, it is to control the storage conditions of raw materials and try to avoid the pollution of sand and mud. At the same time, we must also control the sources of raw materials. After all, we want our sawdust briquette machine to fully reflect its value. The choice of raw materials is particularly important.
2. The ash content of the raw material itself is high: For example, sawdust, rice hulls, straw, weeds, etc. have relatively large ash content, so the carbon ash content is relatively large, so that the finished product is generally unable to do so. Used in the barbecue industry, it can only be used as fuel in industry.
3, high carbonization temperature: small sawdust briquette machine  in the carbonization process if the temperature is too high is bound to make the carbon element and hydrogen, oxygen combined escape, so that on the other hand, carbon is relatively light, and ash will not escape, that is, Said that the ash of carbon has increased relatively.
Therefore, if we want our sawdust briquette machine to play its due value, we must pay attention to the above issues in the entire production process to avoid unnecessary problems.
small sawdust briquette machine

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